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Avoid These Foods If You Have High Blood Pressure

20 February, 2018 1:39 PM
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Avoid These Foods If You Have High Blood Pressure

Sodium is one the main culprits when it comes to high blood pressure.

Those living with high blood pressure or any other kinds of heart diseases should try and abstain from salt and sodium as much as possible. Most of the sodium that we consume comes from products like canned soup and tomato products, frozen pizza and packaged vegetable juice to name few.

Processed meat can have lots of sodium content. These meats are processed, cured and seasoned with salt. Furthermore, adding condiments, pickles, cheese or bread with these meats for a sandwich or a burger can give an instant boost to your sodium intake.

Frozen pizzas can often be loaded with sodium content. The combination of meat, tomato sauce, cheese and crust increases the sodium content in frozen pizza. And as far as frozen pizzas are concerned, manufacturers add more salt to maintain the flavor.

Any food which requires to be preserved will have more salt. The reason behind this is that salt prevents food decay and makes the food stay edible for longer. But the sodium content increases for as long as the food is preserved. Hence, pickles are a big no-no for people suffering from hypertension.

Excessive sugar can contribute to weight gain and obesity. Also, consuming sugar in excessive amounts will have an adverse impact on patients suffering from high blood pressure.

Consuming alcohol in excessive amounts can contribute to increasing blood pressure. Also, alcohol can reduce the effect of medicines you're taking for keeping your blood pressure under control. Alcohol is loaded with calories and can lead to obesity and weight gain - which can further lead to high blood pressure.

Blood pressure patients should include lots of vegetables and fruits in their diet. They will make up for essential nutrients like potassium, fibre and antioxidants that you need. Dealing with hypertension isn't about starving yourself. It is all about eating right and eating healthy.


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