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11:10 India ranks third globally in terms of number of family-owned businesses


04:10 Chhattisgarh Election Result 2018: Early trends show Congress taking lead over BJP by a big margin


04:12 Mizoram Election Results 2018: Early trends show a lead for MNF


10:14 Renault's futuristic EZ-Pro is a delivery vehicle that looks like a lunchbox


07:05 Jawa releases new teaser video to showcase exhaust note of upcoming bike



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  • Gold near seven-week low on Greek debt deal, China holiday

    23 February, 2015 4:36 AM 12

    By A. AnanthalakshmiSINGAPORE (Reuters) - Gold hovered around the key $1,200-an-ounce level on Monday, its lowest in seven weeks, as support for the safe-haven metal eased after a deal was struck over Greece's debt, while the absence of major consumer China also took a toll.Spot gold was little changed at $1,202.10 an ounce by 0225 GMT, after dropping

  • BOJ under pressure as some board members question inflation target

    23 February, 2015 4:34 AM 19

    By Stanley WhiteTOKYO (Reuters) - Three members of the Bank of Japan's policy board expressed doubts the central bank can meet its inflation target because of a slowdown in underlying prices and falling oil, pointing to chinks in the BOJ's strategy to spark sustainable growth. One of the three members said that even though the yen is weak, annual inflation

  • Brent edges up on cautious optimism over Greek debt compromise

    23 February, 2015 4:25 AM 13

    By Henning GloysteinSINGAPORE (Reuters) - Oil prices edged up after early falls on Monday as parts of Asia returned from the Lunar New Year holiday, with Brent futures moving further away from $60 a barrel and U.S. contracts moving towards $51.Brent and U.S. WTI crude futures were helped by cautious optimism that another eurozone crisis over Greek debt had been averted

  • Asian shares flat as investors digest Greek deal

    23 February, 2015 4:10 AM 25

    By Hideyuki Sano and Lisa TwaroniteTOKYO (Reuters) - An index of Asian shares got off to a lacklustre start on Monday as many countries in the region returned from Lunar New Year holidays, with sentiment supported by relief that Greece reached a deal to avert an immediate fiscal crisis.Euro zone ministers late on Friday agreed to extend Greece's financial

  • जेटली के बजट की दिशा तय करेगा लैफर कर्व!

    23 February, 2015 3:31 AM 34

    केंद्रीय सांख्यिकी संगठन के अनुसार चालू माली साल में आर्थिक वृद्धि दर साढ़े सात फीसद रहने के आसार हैं. यह अनुमान अर्थव्यवस्था का आधार वर्ष 2010 पुनर्निर्धारित करके लगाया गया है. इस लिहाज से साल 2015-16 में वित्त मंत्री अरुण जेटली द्वारा आर्थिक वृद्धि दर का लक्ष्य कम से कम आठ फीसद तय करने का कयास है. इसके लिए जाहिर है कि विनिर्माण के साथ ही साथ उपभोग

  • A make or break for investor confidence; Modi walking a tight rope

    23 February, 2015 2:22 AM 33

    The Union Budget 2015 assumes unprecedented significance for it can act as a make or break factor to chart the course of investor confidence from this point, future investment decisions and the outlook of global rating agencies on India, industry leaders, bankers and economists warn.The investor confidence, boosted in by the election of the Narendra

  • कोलकाता, पश्चिम बंगाल , मुख्यमंत्री ममता बनर्जी ,New Delhi, the Indian Railways financial crisis, ममता संग ढाका गया व्यक्ति गिरफ्तार

    23 February, 2015 12:00 AM 18

    हवाईअड्डा पुलिस अधिकारी ने कहा, "पांजा के खिलाफ दिल्ली पुलिस ने लुकआउट नोटिस जारी कर रखा था। उसी के तहत हमने उन्हें गिरफ्तार कर लिया। दिल्ली पुलिस की आर्थिक अपराध शाखा ने उनके खिलाफ एक मामला चलाया है।" पांजा की गिरफ्तारी से दूरी बनाते हुए ममता ने कहा, "किसी व्यापारी के खिलाफ कोई मामला हो सकता है। यह उनका निजी मामला है। इससे मेरा कोई लेना-देना नहीं है।" भारतीय

  • ममता बनर्जी शिबाजी पांजा की गिरफ्तारी के सवाल पर भड़कीं

    22 February, 2015 6:48 PM 16

    पश्चिम बंगाल की मुख्यमंत्री ममता बनर्जी फिल्म निर्माता और उद्यमी शिबाजी पांजा की गिरफ्तारी के सवाल पूछने पर भड़क गईं. मुख्यमंत्री ममता बनर्जी से संवाददाताओं ने फिल्म निर्माता और उद्यमी शिबाजी पांजा की गिरफ्तारी को लेकर सवाल पूछा था. गुस्से से उन्होंने कहा, 'आप मुझसे क्यों पूछ रहे हैं? आप लोग कुछ ज्यादा ही बोल रहे हैं. इसे कहीं से भी शिष्ट व्यवहार नहीं कहा जा सकता है.' उन्होंने

  • Look beyond the usual numbers

    22 February, 2015 4:50 PM 16

    Recent data releases — the Index of Industrial Production (IIP) for December, 2014; Consumer Price Index (CPI); and Wholesale Price Index (WPI) for January - can hardly be called routine. The IIP, which measures the industrial output, was up by 1.7 per cent on a year-on-year basis, down from 3.9 per cent in November, while CPI inflation increased to 5.11 per cent in January

  • term outlook is bright

    22 February, 2015 4:38 PM 35

    Undergoing a series of ownership changes since 1923, Berger Paints has come a long way, emerging as the India’s second largest paint company. Its turnover has increased manifold, as has the number of its units. From a lone unit in West Bengal’s Howrah, it now has a presence in 11 locations in India and three in overseas. Given below are edited excerpts