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Dipika calls Surbhi an unfair captain, Surbhi says Sreesanth is a sympathy gainer, Jasleen breaks down, and other Bigg Boss updates

24 November, 2018 1:21 PM
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Dipika, Jasleen and Megha were the three contestants for the punishment of kaalkothari in the Bigg Boss house. Srishty was not well and she had vomited when Karanvir told Rohit to bring cold drink for her. Rohit brought cold drink and Bigg Boss told him that he broke the rules of the house, and as a punishment he should be replaced with one of the contestants from kaalkothari. The decision was taken by Surbhi as the new captain and she removed Dipika. So, finally, Rohit was inside the kaalkothari. Jasleen and Megha became happy as they felt that Rohit deserved the punishment and it was a fair decision by Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss assigned housemates to select contestants for kaalkothari. The first one was Megha who directly entered kaalkothari. Surbhi selected Jasleen by saying that she fights for the footage so she deserves the punishment of kaalkothari. Jasleen felt bad as it was not a fair decision by Surbhi just to save her friends. Jasleen entered the kaalkothari and cried aloud. Megha consoled her.

Dipika felt that it was an unfair decision by Surbhi to send Jasleen to kaalkothari. She raised her voice and pointed Surbhi for being unfair with Jasleen. Dipika also mentioned that it was unexpected from Surbhi as she always talks about truth and fairness.

When Sreesanth and Dipika speak in the bedroom, Rohit and Deepak irritate Sreesanth by telling him that he only speaks but takes no actions. Dipika tells Sreesanth to calm down as Deepak is only good in irritating people. Later Megha too supports him and tells him to ignore Deepak. But Sreesanth gets angry and says that he won’t beat them inside the show as there are some rules and regulations.

Surbhi tells in front of camera that Sreesanth took the chance of gaining sympathy by taking Harbhajan Singh’s name. She further says that she knew Sreesanth and the way he spoke about him was a smart act to gain sympathy. Sreesanth revealed the truth but she thought it was just to gain sympathy.

The last episode of Bigg Boss was full of entertainment where the major fight took place between Megha and Deepak. Megha took an initiative to ask for forgiveness from Deepak. But Deepak ignored her by saying he won’t speak to her and he needs to meet Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss called him in confession room and told him that both were equally wrong as even he spoke bad words. Deepak tried to explain that it was not his intention but Bigg Boss told him that those words were not good to use.


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