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Have you missed your favourite show last night? Here we offer you a complete written update

14 January, 2019 1:02 PM
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MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favourite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on for written updates on all the shows you love!

The episode starts with Sumitra asking Shivli’s parents to stop and attend Shivli’s marriage. Rohini and her husband come in front of them and become snakes. They bite them. They die on the spot. The girl witnesses everything.

Sumitra says I tried to warn you, but you didn’t listen and asks Raj to get ready to do kanyadaan. The girl thinks she has to stop Sumitra’s evilness and comes inside and hears Sumitra shouting at someone. She takes the boxes kept there and collides with Sumitra.

Further, she tells Rohini that she is Eme, marriage planner, and has the responsibility of making the bride ready. She taunts Rohini and says she will get her ready. Rohini goes.

Rohini asks Sumitra to calm down and says she will get wrinkles. Sumitra asks her to shut up. Rohini says I am a naagin also. The stylist comes there and says she has brought bride’s clothes. Sumitra thinks who was that girl then? She calls Yuvi. Eme escapes.

Sumitra asks the security to search her. She tells that marriage will happen in the evening and tells Shivli that they will stay with her. Eme thinks she has to hide till the evening, her truth can’t come out.

Sumitra comes to Mahir and says he is looking handsome. Mahir gets scared. He asks why Shivli is crying? Sumitra asks her to come and makes her sit on the mandap and asks Panditji to get the marriage done fast. Panditji asks her to keep the right hand on Mahir’s hand.

Sumitra and Yuvi ask Panditji to hurry up. They do the gathbandhan. Yuvi asks Mahir to take rounds. Eme is standing outside. Mahir stops during rounds and tells that he is feeling drowsy and can’t walk anymore.

Sumitra asks Shivli to come forward. They take the rounds. Panditji says rounds are done. Sumitra asks Panditji to get sindoor and do the mangalsutra rasam. She tells that mangalsutra is not here and questions Kuhu. Kuhu says she doesn’t know. Eme comes inside Sehgal house in the jeep. Guards open the door.

Mahir shows the mangalsutra and says he found it there. Yuvi asks him to make Shivli wear it. Mahir makes Shivli wear mangalsutra. Panditji asks Mahir to apply sindoor.

He applies sindoor with the coin. Panditji says marriage is completed, Eme opens the door and gets inside. Everyone looks at her.

The episode starts with Sanjana being very angry and saying I want to kill that Vaidehi. She is coming close to that Raghav. They are failing my plan.

Vaidehi comes to the haveli and says it looked different at night. It is beautiful. Raghav says I want to talk. Sanjana is looking at them and says they are coming close.

Vaidehi sees a woman running and stops her. Raghav tries to recall. Vaidehi says she doesn’t give me good vibes. Raghav says we should keep her. Sanjana says I will make food for you and brings water for them.

Raghav and Vaidehi are about to drink but Vaidehi goes and leaves the water. He says I wanted to talk. I hope you don’t take it the wrong way.

Vaidehi says what is this? Raghav says the person you saw in the dream was me and the girl I saw was you. Vaidehi breaks the glass. Sanjana comes and takes the photo.

Vaidehi says don’t play with my emotions Raghav. I don’t see you in my dreams. Don’t do this drama that we have a connection. Let me do what I am here for.

Raj comes back to hall and says what does she think of herself? She thinks I got that photo made or something? Raghav drinks the water and goes upstairs. Sanjana says I waited so long for you and comes close to him.

Raghav says who are you? Vaidehi sees the same flashes. She says Raghav right? How is all this possible. Someone throws rope in her neck and pulls her. Vaidehi screams. Karan comes and cuts the rope. He says Vaidehi run.

Sanjana takes Raghav to the cave. Raghav is dazed. He says your and my pictures? You are my Raj and I am your Gauri. I saw the same dreams you see. We are connected. He says no you aren’t the girl I see in my dreams. Karan attacks the masked face guy. The guy beats Karan and runs after Gauri.

She says I am Gauri. I can’t live without you. I waited for you all these years. You came but you aren’t trusting me.


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