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20:03 I’m fasting for Ramadan, but life can’t slow down. How do I make the best of it?



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  • स्वस्थ दिल के लिए पीयें कॉफी

    21 November, 2013 1:57 PM 40

    टोक्यो: एक ताजा अध्ययन में पता चला है कि एक कप कॉफी आपके रक्त में नया संचार कर दिल को स्वस्थ रखने में मददगार है. स्वास्थ्य की दृष्टि से भले चंगे 27 वयस्क लोगों पर किए गए अध्ययन में पहली बार यह यह पाया गया कि एक कप कॉफी के सेवन से अंगुली में रक्त का प्रवाह सुचारू रूप से होने लगा, इससे यह पता चला है कि शरीर के आंतरिक रक्त वाहिकाएं सुचारू ढंग से काम कर रही हैं. विशेषकर

  • ड्रैगन के आगे-आगे भागती महिला की दिलेरी का वीडियो हुआ वायरल

    20 November, 2013 7:09 PM 20

    वीडियो में दिखाया गया है कि इमोतो मांस के टुकड़े के साथ ड्रैगन का इंतजार कर रही है, जो कि सूंघकर वहां तक पहुंचा. उसके बाद महिला तेजी से भागी और उसके पीछे उसे खाने के लिए ड्रैगन भागा. जैसे-जैसे वह तेजी से भागी ड्रैगन और तेजी से मांस के टुकड़े को खाने के लिए उनके पीछे भागा. एक समय ऐसा होता है मानो ड्रैगन महिला को खा ही जाएगा. महिला तेजी से कैमरे की ओर भागी और उसकी टीम के सदस्‍यों ने लकड़ी से खुद की सुरक्षा की. आपको बता दें कि आयोको

  • Now just pop a pill to stop blood clots

    18 August, 2009 8:24 AM 19

    Washington: Blood clots can now be stopped easily and without needles, says a new study. Known as deep-vein thrombosis, blood clots affect the large veins in the lower leg and thigh. They are responsible for killing hundreds of people worldwide, esp. after joint replacement surgery. If the clot breaks free and moves through the bloodstream, it can lodge

  • Hysterectomy through belly button leaves no scars

    17 August, 2009 6:46 PM 18

    LONDON: In a surgical feat, doctors have operated on a woman which they claim is the first hysterectomy in Europe through a tiny incision in her belly button, leaving no visible outward scars. The technique, known as single incision laparoscopic surgery, is the latest development in keyhole surgery where the instruments are inserted through the belly

  • Kissing can cause herpes

    17 August, 2009 10:52 AM 26

    MELBOURNE: If you think a kiss is just a kiss, you might want to think again, for the simple pleasure now comes with a health warning-it can cause herpes. The Australian Herpes Management Forum, which is to start an awareness campaign, has warned that a kiss is a major transmitter of herpes. The symbol of affection "poses risks to both adults and children"

  • A sweeter broccoli to cut heart diseases

    17 August, 2009 6:11 AM 19

    MELBOURNE: Scientists claimed to have developed a new variety of broccoli that is not only grown naturally, but also tastes sweeter and has 40 per cent more anti-oxidants than the normal to reduce risks of heart disease and cancer. Scientists at Victoria's Department of Primary Industries (DPI), have discovered "Booster Broccoli", a new variety that is the first

  • 'Havan' for bacteria-free homes: Study

    17 August, 2009 4:30 AM 25

    LUCKNOW: Want to lead a healthy life and free your home from bacteria? Perform 'havan' at regular intervals. A study carried out by a team of scientists at National Botanical Research Institute (NBRI) here has claimed that smoke emitted during havans reduces airborne bacteria to a large extent, minimising possibility of infectious diseases

  • India should trains its doctors in infectious diseases

    16 August, 2009 9:59 AM 19

    WASHINGTON: With India battling swine flu, an eminent Indian-American doctor has said it is the right time the government in the country accelerates process of training its doctors in infectious diseases or else it could be too late to bring the situation under control. With a country of a billion plus population, India is literally sitting on a time bomb of infectious

  • Cadila to apply for clinical trials for swine flu vaccine

    11 August, 2009 11:49 AM 24

    NEW DELHI: With an aim to launch vaccine for Influenza H1N1 A Virus (swine flu) in India, Cadila Pharmaceutical will seek the government's nod in two days for initiating clinical trials in this regard. Cadila Pharmaceutical Ltd (CPL) had set up a joint venture 'CPL Biologicals Pvt Ltd' with the US-based vaccine maker Novavax for manufacturing and developing

  • Synthetic bedding 'can cause asthma'

    11 August, 2009 7:23 AM 20

    NEW YORK: Are you prone to asthma? Then avoid synthetic bedding, for a new study has claimed that it can aggravate asthma more than feather products as it contains high levels of fungal cells. An international team has found that synthetic bedding contains much higher levels of fungi related beta glucan than feather bedding, which are non-allergenic