Acer Liquid E700 review

3 January, 2015 12:54 PM

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Acer Liquid E700 review

Acer’s laptops have generally been solid products, and value-for-money purchases compared to its competitors. However, it hasn’t been able to replicate that success or that range in smartphones yet. Can the Liquid E700 change that?

Not really. Generally, everything works as advertised: the performance is good and you can play most HD games although not all at high-quality graphics, the screen is good, call quality is good, the large internal storage is a nice addition. The two things that don’t tell the whole story with their specs are the camera and battery.

Although equipped with an 8-megapixel sensor, the E700’s camera is quite poor. You will invariably see noise in most photos, and videos have distinct ghosting—not something we have seen in most phones with these specs.

The 3500mAh battery was expected to be good, but it surpassed even our expectations. It continuously played video for 12 hours, and will easily last a full day of usage even for power users.

There’s a button on the back, under the lens. By default, it’s linked with the camera, so you can use it to start the camera app and take a photo. It’s actually a nice experience and makes it comfortable to snap a pic—however, you lose the option for manual focus then. This button can also be customised to start other apps, like Google Play Music.

The speaker grills above and below the screen seem ornamental—the sound output is weak, not to mention the quality is poor. If you’re expecting audio like on the HTC One, think again.

The touch-sensitive keys don’t have backlighting, so the phone is difficult to operate at night, and you’ll often press the wrong button.

Acer has customised the lock screen and home page UI, and it’s not really an improvement. You’d do better to switch to a stock Android experience with Nova Launcher.

And something particularly noteworthy about the handset? This is the only phone we’ve seen with three SIM slots, and Acer’s ability to let you customise the purpose of each (data, calls, roaming) is pretty cool and works seamlessly.

We also liked the rubberised back, which makes the phone easy to grip. Fair warning though, this picks up a lot of dust.


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