BenQ growth plan for 2015

21 January, 2015 2:56 PM

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Would you have linked the rising popularity of large screen televisions to increase in sales of projectors? Well, it seems there is a link.

BenQ Asia Pacific president Adams Lee says people getting used to larger television means they are seeing the benefits of having an even larger screen. “Projectors are not going to replace the television. Instead, the large TV is stimulating the need for a large screen. Now, people who want a screen larger than TV, of around 100 inches, are going for projectors. A projector can very easily achieve that screen size at a fraction of the cost of a TV of the same size,” he says, explaining the growth in home projectors.

BenQ is leader in projectors in India with a 20 per cent market share, said Rajeev Singh, managing director for India, adding that for 2015 the company wants to focus on monitors. “Overall, we are looking to increase revenue of BenQ India by 50 per cent driven by the growth in monitors. The focus in this segment will be on large screens and vertical screens,” he said.Gaming monitors now add up to 7 per cent of sales for BenQ India, while large screens account for 40 per cent. “We are looking at reducing share in the small screens segment and growing the large screen business to about 60 per cent,” he added.

Incidentally, the 18.5-inch monitor segment which has the largest share of the business now is also the fastest declining segment because of the fall in sales of PCs. “The 21, 24 and 27 inch segments are now witnessing double digit growth.”

Globally, BenQ is the leader in gaming monitors commanding over 90 per cent of the market share.


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