Finally! Shivaay realizes his love for Anika, but it’s too late

10 November, 2018 7:29 AM

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Finally! Shivaay realizes his love for Anika, but it’s too late

MUMBAI: The ongoing track of Ishqbaaz is focussing on how Shivaay is trying his best to get away from Anika and he is trying all possible ways to do it. We also saw how the Oberoi brothers have become one.

In the previous episodes, we have seen how Shivaay performs puja with Twinkle and how Anika is hurt with this and confronts him about the same, and tells him that he is crossing all the limits. Hearing this, Shivaay becomes furious and asks Anika to leave his life and go if she cannot take all this.

Thus, Anika will take a decision to leave the Oberoi mansion and Shivaay’s life. Anika will leave the wedding dress for Twinkle as Shivaay has decided to marry her. She will also write her last love letter and tell Twinkle that no matter how hard Shivaay looks from outside, he is soft from inside.

While reading Anika’s love letter, Shivaay will break down and get emotional. He will realize what a big mistake he has done by letting Anika go.

He will realize his love for her and regret his mistake and want to get her back, but he will be unable to find her, as Anika would have gone far away from him.


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