Most innovative products of CES

8 January, 2015 6:30 PM

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Most innovative products of CES

You wouldn’t normally equate Las Vegas to innovation. But for a week every year, this little oasis of luxury in the midst of the Nevada desert lights up with the most innovative products and ideas in the technology sector.

Among the most innovative products that we noticed at the Consumer Electronics Show this year is small $125 device called the Strone which can help regular travellers minimise their roaming bills. Slip your SIM card into the device at home before travelling abroad and it beam all your calls over the internet to your phone wherever you are. The service will need a monthly subscription starting $10, but that will seem like pittance when you look at average international roaming rates.

On the other end of the spectrum is the very physical Rollkers, which let you move around twice as fast as you would while walking. Though it looks like a roller skate, this device uses high-end technology so that it can be controlled by a smartphone. Moreover, it charges itself using electromagnets in the wheels below. However, the Rollkers are still a prototype and aims to start selling in a year at a $500 price tag.

Bone conduction headphones were innovative when they were launched a few years back, now the innovation has been in bringing their prices down. Aftershockz now sells these headphones for as low as $39.95 a piece for wired models. But while they are supposed to be better for your eardrums, there seems to be a tradeoff in what it can achieve in comparison t the audio quality of traditional headphones.

Another innovative product that seems to cash in on the current rage for Instagram is a $149 photoframe called #Cube which beams photographs realtime from the popular social network. There was also the Trewgrip keyboard for smart devices. This unique devices pushes the keys to behind the board so that is is more comfortable to be used with the smartphone or tablet.

The tiny Swiftpoint GT mouse, meanwhile, tries to bring natural gestures to a very different form factor and thus rethinking how we use the mouse.


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