Quirkiest products of CES 2015

15 January, 2015 7:50 PM

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The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas sets the tone for the kind of products and technology trends that will be visible for the rest of year. However, the show also hosts a bunch of companies that have thought up products that might not be really intended to solve a problem, but will catch anyone’s notice anyway. A pick of six of the quirkiest gadgets this time.

Phonotonic This French company wants to turn movements into music. So, one holds this ball-like device in one’s hand and moves it around. Smooth tai-chi-inspired movements bring about soothing notes, while a hard shake sounds a bit like rock. The crystal is connected to an app on the user’s smart device that converts all this into music, or let’s say sound. Founder and CEO Nicolas Rasamimanana says the app can connect only to one crystal at the moment and works only on iOS at the moment.

Melomind This wearable, connected headset from French company myBrain Technologies forces the user to relax by reading her brainwaves and making her listen to it. The user selects a sound environment with a certain destination. The destination is reached only if the user forces her mind to relax. A typical session takes 15 minutes and co-founder Thibaud Dumas says regular sessions will have greater benefits.

Tao A couple of decades ago, the bullworker was all the rage. Tao uses the same concept, though it is just as big as a computer mouse. The tiny mobile exercise devices connects to the phone via an app. The app coaches the user to master exercises, called “Variobics” and based on isometrics, as in yoga and pilates mechanics. There are hundreds of workouts one can do, wherever one is.

#Cube This was always coming: the craze for the selfie and the made-for-social-media photograph spawning new products. This small photo-frame links to one or multiple Instagram accounts and beams images real time to one’s living room or office. The $149 device can connect wirelessly to the Internet and is very easy to set up.

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