Rakhi Sawant to star in her own biopic

4 February, 2015 7:29 AM

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After the box office success of Dolly Ki Doli, a lot of Bollywood stars are thinking to make a movie with similar-sounding catchy names. Some of them are considering names like Bhai ya Kasaai, King Khan Ka Apmaan, Big B key Bees and more. However, the first one to register and announce a movie was India's item number queen, Rakhi Sawant.

She called for a press conference recently, which a lot of journalists were hesitant to attend as they thought it has something to do with her political career. Only later on they realised that it's about her upcoming movie Rakhi in Khaki. In this movie, obviously Rakhi will be playing the main protagonist. She will be seen in the role of a police inspector. This will be a first for her. Till now she has done item numbers in all the possible characters except a police officer.

"First of all, I'd like to say, Jeejas loves me. Thank you for coming. First of all, I am excited to be producing, directing and acting in my home production Rakhi in Khaki. If Sonam can deliver a hit so can I. Apart from wearing branded clothes like her, I also know how to act," said Rakhi while addressing the press.

"Rakhi should be playing her real life character. I think audience will be more interested to watch her biopic. Anyway, in real life too she is not less than any police officer. You should see how all the men are scared of her," said the Bindass Bhai, who's known for speaking his and everybody's mind.

We asked Mika that what he thinks about Rakhi's upcoming project. He said, "I don't even know about it. I've been busy working on my songs and a lot of other things. Also, you know that I've never have been close to her." Of course, we believe that. May be he doesn't know about Rakhi's upcoming movie because Rakhi doesn't kiss and tell.

Source: timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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