How To Whip Cream? Simple And Quick-Fire Ways To Make The Decadent Addition

11 July, 2018 3:33 AM

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How To Whip Cream? Simple And Quick-Fire Ways To Make The Decadent Addition

Whipped cream is a foamy dairy product that adds a lot of flavour to a wide range of foods and drinks, which includes frosting for cakes, topping for hot chocolate and even coffee or iced tea. What makes whipped cream unique is its texture, which is soft and light, despite being made using heavy cream. When you tend to whip heavy cream, air is forced into the liquid; thanks to the high-fat content, a stable mass of bubbles form. One should never choose low-fat cream, considering it may result in thin and watery or unstable whipped cream, which obviously isn't what you want for your fancy baked goods. So if you are planning to whip cream at home, make sure it is heavy and fresh cream that you are whipping.

There are a few ways in which you can whip cream: electric mixer, hand mixer, a food processor or even fork. One of the easiest ways is to whip it in an electric mixer, considering it is a much faster and effective method.

Whipping cream in a bowl with fork or whisk is a truly old-fashioned way. Just grab a mixing bowl and place it in the freezer until it is chilled. Now, remove it, add the cream and powdered sugar, and use a whisk to whisk the cream by hand until it becomes foamy. Mix all the add-ons and whisk it again to make a nice flavourful whipped cream.

If you wish to make cream from full-fat milk, we can help you with a nice recipe.

There! You have learnt how to whip cream and make cream from the scratch. Make your baked goods rich and delicious like a pro.


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