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'Papa there is something going on': Rahul Mukherjea's tapes expose the web of lies around Sheena Bora's murder

26 August, 2016 1:21 PM
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'Papa there is something going on': Rahul Mukherjea's tapes expose the web of lies around Sheena Bora's murder

A set of conversations - taped by Rahul Mukerjea - throw new light on the Sheena Bora murder case and hint at a cover-up by Peter and Indrani Mukerjea.

A set of taped conversations have thrown new light on the sensational new developments in the Sheena Bora murder case.

The taped conversations, allegedly between prime accused Indrani Mukerjea, her husband Peter Mukerjea and his son Rahul Mukerjea seem to indicated an attempt to cover up the Sheena Bora murder case.

These tapes were allegedly recorded over a period of two weeks, apparently right after Sheena was murdered. We look at some of the suspicious conversations.

"Sheena sent me a message when she left Taj Lands End, around 8:30 in the evening on the 24th. And that message is saying that she is on the way to Royal China for dinner... Basically saying just left Taj Lands End, heading to Royal China for dinner. I phoned up Royal China and they were open on that night, they weren't closed. So something has changed the plan between Taj Lands end from heading towards Royal China, which is what Sheena obviously thought she was doing. Now apparently she was dropped off at Amar Sons an hour later at 9:30 pm. Papa there is something going on that is not right... you know it as well."

Peter appears to be silent for a few seconds before saying "Indrani said "we drove past Royal China and it was shut."" Rahul informs Peter that Royal China went through their bookings and there was no booking of Sheena or Indrani or Mukherjee or any Bora but they were definitely open and had other guests. He asks Peter and Indrani to speak to people from Royal China.

At 6:30 pm, Sheena comes to Amar Sons, buys a saree, post which she and Indrani go to a jeweller (Notandas) opposite Moti Mahal. Post that, while heading towards Taj Lands Ends, they cross Royal China and find it shut. She also claims to call the restaurant but gets no response. She says Sheena needed to be back at Amar Sons by 9:15 so they left Taj Lands End between quarter to 9 or 9 or 9:15. She adds that she was back home by quarter to 10.

She also mentions Mikhail in the conversation - saying he was a guest who had flown in from outside - and was a "dear friend". It has now been revealed that Mikhail is her son.

Rahul continues to prod Indrani asking, if Royal China was open or shut - Indrani insists it was shut and later asks him to confirm what time they open. Initially, Indrani says they would have crossed Royal China at least by 7:30 pm, but minutes later she says "it must have been around 7:15 when we went to Taj". Rahul seems to catch this and asks Indrani to reconfirm their timing. "I don't know," replies Indrani before attempting to build a timeline.

Her timing on crossing Royal China changes again towards the end, saying it was shut when they left Amar Sons around quarter to 7.

Another discrepancy - which Rahul catches too - is Indrani's version from the saree shop. Initially she says Sheena tried 6-7 sarees and later she says 3-4 sarees.

Note that Indrani had earlier claimed that Sheena reached Amar Sons at 6:30 pm, but later in the conversation, she says she has a message from Sheena at 6:15 pm that she had reached. Throughout her explanation on the sequence of events, Indrani remains pretty liberal with her timelines - while she initially says it took them 15 minutes at the saree shop, she changes that to half an hour towards the end of the clip.

Towards the end of the conversation, Rahul tells Indrani there was no point in giving "silly examples," to which Indrani says "I don't know about Sheena's disappearance."

Indrani keeps insisting she has nothing to hide, "I don't want you to sit there and think that I am hiding something," she says. Later Peter takes over the call saying he or Indrani had nothing more to say and Rahul was free to do his own investigations.

Peter begins the call with insisting Sheena is okay. "Indrani said, will you please speak to jiju and say that you're fine. She said, jiju, hi, I'm fine... and you know..." (Doesn't complete sentence)

Rahul goes on to question Peter if he asked her to get in touch with one of her friends, or if he remembered if Sheena was calling from a landline or a mobile. Replying in the negative, Peter says Sheena asked not to give her number to Rahul and that he called Rahul just to calm his mind.

He adds that they've "sent a message to Mukherjee, saying she will send her resignation or whatever in due course."

Rahul continues to prod Peter - "did she call on your mobile or Indrani's phone or what?" She called on Indrani's mobile, responded Peter. "I was sending the message to you to close this chapter... and when I came upstairs, Indrani was on the phone and she said Sheena just called."

Rahul doesn't seem convinced. "So she just called to say she's okay? She just called right now, out of the blue to say she's okay?"

Peter claims to have shown Rahul messages he had received from Sheena on the morning of April 26, but his son refuses to have any recollection of such an exchange. Peter then changes his claim to "Well, I did read it out to you that's for sure."

But Rahul remains unconvinced and stresses on how easy it will be for Indrani to fake the whole communication and how all these developments were "too convenient".

"Use your dimaag man. Hello papa I love you but you're pushing my limits here man."

Rahul Mukherjea urges his dad to take note of Sheena's uncharacteristic behaviour of being missing from work without informing anyone. "She has never missed a day in work in last three years for once without informing. Now she's been gone for more than 2-3 days and she hasn't informed anyone. This is why it's out of character. Can you hear what I'm saying and take it in?"

Peter seems to completely dismiss his concern suggesting "let them inform whoever that she's not come to work." He also dismisses her inactivity on social media as "intentional".

Rahul also points that Sheena was supposed to collect a dongle and a blackberry from Peter's ex-head of security and that she met Indrani about it.


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