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When PM Narendra Modi saw ‘busy, busy’ officers on mobile phones and issued a ‘ban’ order

21 April, 2017 11:21 AM
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Even as he was pitching for the need for effective and qualitative work in government offices that created tangible benefits on the ground, PM Modi highlighted a habit that he had seen bureaucrats indulge in that may well hinder them working at their efficient best.

Speaking on the 11th Civil Services Day in Delhi today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asked the gathered of distinguished bureaucrats to change their mindset and work on the current mechanism and effect a transformation. “With changing times, a need may arise that we may have to change our working style. From regulator, we need to be an enabling entity,” PM Modi said even as government officials listened with rapt attention. However, PM suddenly started talking about an issue that had everyone sitting up. Even as he was pitching for the need of effective and qualitative work in government offices that created tangible benefits on the ground, PM Modi highlighted a habit that he had seen bureaucrats indulge in that may well hinder them working at their efficient best. PM Modi said, “I see officers, ‘busy, busy’ with their mobiles. So I have banned usage of mobiles in meetings.” As could be seen, the statement had an immediate impact on the gathering.

Getting back to the main agenda of inspiring bureaucrats to shed old habits and adopt a role in which they become ‘enablers’, PM Modi said that now is the time for out-of-the-box thinking and taking some confident decision towards the welfare of the citizens.

Speaking at the event today, PM Modi also said that all government officials should take decisions that are in national interest and also make collective ownership to bring change. He said, “Don’t take decisions which are not beneficial in the long run or offer just a temporary fix to the issues. It is important to very important for us to make ourselves relevant in changing times or else, we will become obsolete.”

As per India Today report, PM Modi, since coming into power in 2014, has stressed on the need of efficient work mechanism and has made several changes aimed at increasing the output from government offices especially based on the digital format.

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Comments - 8
R Rathore Ramkishore

21 April, 2017 7:04 PM

Ban of personal mobile phones should be observed universally in all State and Central Govt. Offices to ensure efficiency in working along with security and confidentiality of offices concerned. When there is universal ban on personal mobile phones, no one will feel offended too.

C Chandra

21 April, 2017 6:47 PM

Well said, govt is providing landline phones for official to communicate. Smart phones are , they start watching videos and giving less attention to the office work. Strict implementation with metal detectors security system to be brought in to the system. I visited many offices where people are watching TV programs while on duty. At least they are not permitted to take smart phones in to the office.

R Radha Krishna Gaur

21 April, 2017 6:54 PM

BEAUTYFUL I like it most. Working of Government machinery must be improved as before when there was no mobile phone in common use. It is very essential part of development but no hindrance of function ing be tolerated. Thamks

M Murar Yeolekar

21 April, 2017 6:24 PM

That the PM has to ask these in the third year speaks for itself. 'Initiators , movers , shakers , facilitators , coordinators ' are all requied before becoming 'enablers'. That the message requires reiteration , reinforcement and added emphasis is equally true. Murar Yeolekar, Mumbai.


21 April, 2017 6:06 PM

It is really encouraging and inspiring to note the PM informing in very subtle terms the tendency in Government offices to sideline the visitor and keep on pretending to be "busy". Very rarely I have seen any Government staff attending to the visitor without even once touching their mobile phone. The visitor is made to feel as if he/she is an intruder .It is time this obnoxious habit of Government staff is put an end to.

S Shrikant

21 April, 2017 5:57 PM

The bureaucrat should not be allowed to take their mobile phone even to the office. They can very well use the land line phone for official work.

N National

22 April, 2017 11:46 AM

Every one has realised that instead of pakau man ki baat and open baat, it is time for action. Jumla & Pravachan kaafi ho a.

L Lmao Rofl

21 April, 2017 5:52 PM

What is this?