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Raita Recipes In Hindi: 7 Easy And Simple Ways To Enjoy Dahi

30 December, 2017 5:09 AM
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Raita Recipes In Hindi: 7 Easy And Simple Ways To Enjoy Dahi

Many believe that a North Indian meal is incomplete without a serving of raita, and we couldn't agree more! This yoghurt based dish is an integral part of our cuisine. In fact, a meal cooked for a special occasion is expected to have some yogurt or dahi based accompaniment to go with the curries and do-pyazaas. This is especially true during the summer months in India when dahi provides a much needed cooling effect after a meal. And due to this popularity, raita has a vast library of yummy recipes, fit for all occasions and meal timings. Here are a few Raita Recipes in Hindi you don't want to miss out on.

If you are gorging on biryani, pulao or a heavy curry, Pyaaz ka raita is just what you need. It not only tastes delicious but also calms your stomach giving the needed cooling effect. This is a well-known raita recipe and popularly served at many retsuarant and eateries around the country. With this raita recipe in Hind, you can now perfect this simple dish at home too.

This one has always been an attention catcher! Perfect with almost anything, this is a simple raita recipe that anyone can put together. Its light on your tummy and tasty fresh too. It is among the best Raita Recipes in Hindi and is often loved during lazy afternoons.

Just when you think raita is good but does not have a lot of varieties, Lauki Raita swings by like a delightful rainbow on your taste buds. Thoroughly enjoyed during the summer months, this raita recipes is sure to be loved even by those who run away at the sight of lauki! Healthy, hearty and great for your waistline, lauki raita is a winner always.

Pomegranates may seem like a difficult fruit to peel and eat but once you fall in love with these ruby red pearls, its hard to stay away. This recipe of Anardana raita is yet another way of benefiting from all the goodness of pomegranates. This is a simple recipe and is also your best option when you are in the mood to impress.

If you are tired of the traditional Raita recipes in Hindi this recipe is just the one to bring you back to the game. This is a delicious looking side-dish which tastes nothing but magic. Beware, you might get addicted to its sour-sweet taste with curd!

If you love spicy food then you will never get enough of this raita recipe. A perfect mixture of green chillies and curd, Green Chilly Raita is among the spiciest yet soothing recipes in our long list of Raita Recipes.

The rich and fine colour of this raita makes it an exquisite addition to a party menu. Not to mention the many health benefits the beetroots come packed with. Try experimenting with other flavours too. You could top it with slivers of beetroot or coriander at the time of serving.


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