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Surbhi wins the ticket to finale, Sreesanth becomes emotional, Housemates target Deepak, and other Bigg Boss Updates

20 December, 2018 1:04 PM
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Bigg Boss assigns the captaincy task, and contenders Dipika, Surbhi and Deepak compete with each other in the task. Surbhi wins the ticket to finale and enters the finale week. All the other housemates get nominated for the week.

Sreesanth is the only contestant who can always be seen emotional on the Bigg Boss show. He talks to Deepak and remembers his cricketing days. And Deepak starts singing the same song which he composed for him a few weeks back. Sreesanth becomes emotional and starts crying, while Dipika consoles him.

The Bigg Boss task comes to an end as Sreesanth and Deepak sit on the seats. They take the final decision as Sreesanth chooses Dipika to save from nomination. Bigg Boss announces Dipika, Deepak and Surbhi to be the contenders for the captaincy task.

During the captaincy task, Dipika and Romil sit on the seats. They had to choose from Surbhi and Karanvir. Dipika says that Surbhi should be saved, but Romil does not agree with her.

Sreesanth recalls the old days of his cricketing career when Deepak sings for him and all the housemates praise Deepak’s singing. Sreesanth cries and Dipika consoles him, while Deepak hugs him.

Deepak and Sreesanth have a discussion when Sreesanth tells him that Somi was good in game as she was fair and betrayed him. Deepak gets upset and questions Romil and Somi. Further Deepak even blames Somi for her decision as he felt it was unfair.

Karanvir asks Romil to give the seat to him but Sreesanth speaks in between and both start accusing each other. However, Dipika and Romil give their seats to Surbhi and Somi. Bigg Boss announces that Somi is already out of the finale race and if she and Surbhi do not show their support then all the housemates will be nominated. Romil and Surbhi’s pictures appear on the board next.

The contestants yell at each other in the task. Surbhi calls Deepak dual-faced, while Sreesanth tells him that he plays with people’s emotions. Even Dipika tells Deepak that he forgot humanity and if he becomes the winner he still will be a looser for her.

Sreesanth has become the most controversial contestant of Bigg Boss 12. He is known for his fights and arguments in the house. Sreesanth’s wife celebrated her birthday on 18th December. And Sreesanth even being in the Bigg Boss house did not forget to make her birthday special for her.


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