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Top 7 Most Addictive Foods: Here's How You Can Curb The Addiction

29 December, 2017 6:36 AM
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Top 7 Most Addictive Foods: Here's How You Can Curb The Addiction

Food addictions are real! Here's a list of the 7 most addictive foods.

Putting down a pack of chips and giving up on pizza requires a good deal of courage! And it's not just these two, foods like fries, cheese burgers, sodas, bacon and cakes are tough to say no to. If these foods are all you wish to hear and talk about, this one is for you. Some foods are so irresistible that a single bite can make your brain scream for more. These foods hijack your brain's reward centre and leave it craving for more. These high-in-carbs, high-in-sugar and low fibre foods are addictive. Yes, that craving to have more is addiction.

Pizzas, fries, cakes, bacon, burgers, doughnuts and all these yummy and unhealthy treats can do no good to your health. So do you need to avoid these foods? Of course you do! Even if they haven't taken a strong toll on your health, you still need to take caution and control your intake of these foods. We have compiled a list of the 7 most addictive foods and how you can curb that addiction. Take a look.

This Italian treat is probably a universal favourite. Thin crust, loaded with sauce with cheese exploding from the sides, yummy!

Do you look at a jar-full of chocolate-chip cookies and just gobble it down in a few minutes? Well, they are very addictive too!


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