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Watch: Passengers Leap To Safety From Plane's Wing After Emergency Landing

13 March, 2018 3:16 PM
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Watch: Passengers Leap To Safety From Plane's Wing After Emergency Landing

"Everyone had to jump down to the runway below. It was a very scary situation," Brandon Cox, a passenger on-board the aircraft tells NDTV. "Glad everyone is safe."

Footage of panicked passengers racing to get off a passenger plane that made an emergency landing in the United States has emerged on social media. The video, shot by a passenger on-board a Southwest Airlines aircraft, shows some people jumping off the plane's wing. According to local media reports, Southwest Airlines 3562 was forced to make an emergency landing in Albuquerque, Texas after smoke filled the plane's cabin - possibly due to an electrical fire.

The shocking footage posted on Twitter by passenger Brandon Cox shows passengers leaping to safety from the wing of the plane onto the runway below. Mr Cox estimates it was nearly an eight-foot drop.

"We had landed a bit rough and exited the emergency doors. We ended up exiting on the wing of the plane with no way down but to jump," Mr Cox tells NDTV.

"I was trying to keep people calm... Everyone was trying to assist people and be helpful but many were panicking. I tried to help a lady down and ended up getting pulled down with her so I had to jump down," he adds. "Everyone had to jump down to the runway below."

"It was a very scary situation for everyone," Mr Cox says. "Glad everyone is safe."

Mr Cox explains that there appeared to be no emergency slide on the plane's wing. "The slides were only at the front and the back of the plane," he says.

But he stresses that the plane's crew was very helpful in trying to keep passengers calm.

A police officer on-board also tweeted praise for the flight attendants.

The flight's captain was able to land the plane safely and all of the 140 passengers were able to evacuate, says a spokesperson for Southwest Airlines according to KRQE.

Most passengers were able to board another plane later that night, according to local news reports.


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